Popular Dog Breeds Coloring Books

I love coloring books and so I have created a series of popular dog breeds coloring books specifically for dog lovers.  They feature five (5) popular dog breeds – Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds and English Bulldogs.

I called them not just coloring books but info coloring books because they contain not just cutesy, warm and fuzzy line images of your favorite breeds to color but also cool and interesting facts about them for you to color as well! Hence, they are meant not just to have fun but to inform.

Go and check them out at MJPublishingHouse.com.


I had a lot of fun creating these dog coloring books and I learned a lot about different dog breeds while doing it.  Below are samples of what’s inside some of these coloring books so you’ll know what I really mean when I say these are not just coloring books but info coloring books.