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Pet Resorts: What To Look For

pet-resortIf you will be travelling on business  or will be away on vacation, or just need a place to treat your beloved pet to a day of play and fun, what should you look for in a pet resort? Not all pets resorts have the same amenities and offers.

Just like hotels and resorts for humans, there are luxurious or 5-star pet resorts and there are those in the low-end of the scale. Some have big swimming pools, and large indoor and outdoor playgrounds while others just have the very basic amenities.


dogs in pet-resortDog Boarding At Its Finest – High End Luxury Pet Resort

There are dog and cat resorts that offer truly luxurious boarding services as well as high end-grooming. The rooms are equipped with televisions and webcams so owners can check in on their pets. They are also provided with plush beddings and furnitures, just like in a home setting so that they won’t be stressed while being away from their respective families.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pet what to look for in a pet resortResort

24/7 On-Site Pet Resort Staff

One of the most important things that I look for in a pet resort is the presence of resort staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then I can feel more at peace leaving my pet because I know there will always be someone to watch them, clean up if ever they make a mess, see to it that they’re comfortable , walk them, etc.

Presence of A Resident Vet

I feel more at ease leaving my pet in a resort if there is a veterinarian on board. So if my pet gets sick unexpectedly, then I can rest assured that he/she will be taken cared of immediately.

If there is no resident vet, then at least there should be a vet on call.

Good Safety And Sanitation

Check if there are plenty of drainage for cleaning, floors that are non-absorbent and wall coverings.  Also, see if the stuff your pet will use to play are clean as well as both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Are the rooms clean, comfy and cozy?

Availability of Grooming and Training Services

These can be extra perks as it gives pet owners a one-stop shop for their pet’s needs. Although personally I can do without them since my dog has his own favorite groomer and trainer, other pet owners may like having such services in a pet resort for convenience.

Certification/Recognition For Boarding And Other Services

Is the facility pet first-aid certified? Did it get awards or recognitions for their services and facility? Are they certified by highly reputable certification groups? While certifications may not be necessary, I appreciate the fact that the pet resort owners went an extra mile to assure their customers that they meet the industry standards for safety and sanitation, boarding, day care, training and other professional services.

dogs in playgroundDogs Rule Resort

I heard about Dogs Rule Resort through a friend of mine. She told me her dog Bailey enjoys staying there so I thought I’d mention it in this article.

This is a dog resort which is located in Carollton, TX and offersoarding, doggie day care and dog grooming. It has an 8,000 square foot outdoor playground with bone-shaped pools and a 3,000 square foot indoor facility. It also provide webcam services so dog owners can check how their beloveds are doing.

They also have another facility in Keller, TX. For more information, you can visit their website at

Bayside Pet Resortdog in a pool

Unlike Dogs Rule Resort, Bayside Pet Resort both cats and dogs. They have 3 locations in South Florida: Sarasota, Osprey and Lakewood Ranch. They pride themselves with their “Luxury canine and feline resort  and spa facilities.

They offer lodging for both canine and feline, professional grooming, day care, day lodging, water park and pool, birthday parties, and dog training. They also have live webcams. For more info, go to

dog swimmingPet Resorts Are Here To Stay

There is a high demand for pet resorts because we love our pets and no matter how hard we try not to pamper them too much, we still do! I have been to Bayside Pet Resort and if you happen to be in South Florida with your pet, it’s worth a visit. And if you happen to be in Carollton or Keller, TX, go check out Dogs Rule Resort. I’m sure your pooch will enjoy it there.

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