Dover Air Force Base Veterinarian Treatment Facility

Veterinarians Near Me

Looking for veterinarians near you? Then simply fill in the box below which says “Google Custom Search” and type in veterinarians in [city], [State/Province], [Country] and then press the gray button with the magnifying glass on the right side of the box. So if you live in New York City, then simply type in Veterinarians […]

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Dog Health & Care

Are Labradors At Risk At Becoming Obese?

Why are some dog`s appetite insatiable? Could it be because of a genetic mutation? Dogs have always been man`s best friend but don`t you notice that they seem to be always hungry?  Well, science may have finally discovered the reason why – some Labradors seem to have a genetic disposition to being hungry. This is […]

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Dog Breeds

Dogs That Don’t Shed: For Allergy Sufferers

Are you allergic to dogs but love to have one or more? Well, no worries. You certainly can be a dog owner! What you should do is choose dogs that don’t shed as much hair and dander. These dogs are commonly known as hypoallergenic dogs. These dogs are not new breeds. In fact, they have […]

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Dog Breeds

7 Dogs That Look Like Foxes (The Most)

I’ve worked for 6 years in a humane society so I have seen a lot of dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. And oh yes, I’ve seen small dog breeds and large ones who looked like foxes.  I’m sure there are more than 7 dog breeds who resemble foxes but the ones below are […]

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Dog Quizzes/Entertainment

How Different Do Dogs Look Like After A Haircut?

Animal photographer Grace Chon took pictures of dogs before and after a haircut as part of a photo series titled “Hairy”. These before and after photos are kinda funny! See for yourself by looking at the photos below this article. I bet you, you wouldn’t even recognize the dog before the haircut photo because of […]

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